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Altitude: 59m
Population: 263.964

Verona is the capital of the homonymous province. To the north rises the Lessinia Mountains and to the south the Northern Italian Plain begins.
Verona is known both as the city of Romeo and Juliet as well as for the annual Opera Festival. The old town is situated on a peninsula of the Adige river with 10 bridges that connect the different parts of the city with the center. Verona is a very lively city and very popular with tourists. The charming old town offers plenty to see: narrow winding streets, beautiful courtyards hidden behind gates, old palaces with their typical charming facades. Verona is certainly one of the most beautiful and interesting cities of northern Italy.

Attractions in Verona
• The 64m high tower Lamberti with its magnificent view over Verona.
• The Piazza Bra and the Arena. Today the arena is known as the venue of the opera festival (since 1913); this amphitheater was originally built in Roman times but for gladiator and animal fights. It is the third largest of its kind in Italy.
• The church of San Fermo Maggiore: the foundations were already set in the 6th Century, afterwards the church was enlarged twice, which explains the mix of Romanesque and Gothic architecture.
• The Piazza delle Erbe with the statue of the Lion of St. Mark, and the surrounding old buildings such as the Palazzo del Comune, or the Casa dei Mercanti.
• The Piazza dei Signori.
• The 12th century church of Santa Maria Antica, and the tombs of the Scaliger.
• The Loggia del Consiglio from the early Renaissance Venetian style.
• The Casa di Giulietta with the famous balcony.
• The Gothic church of Santa Anastasia which had a construction period of almost 200 years (completed in 1481).
• The Cathedral of Santa Maria Matricolare from the 12th Century
• Castelvecchio, the former fortifications of the Scaliger from the 14th Century (today the Museum of Fine Arts).
• The Great Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore, one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches in northern Italy.
• The Teatro Romano from the time of Augustus.

Attractions in the surroundings
• Villa Arvedi  in Grezzana
• The Valpolicella
• The valley of Illasi
• The Lessini Mountains

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