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In the north of Verona rise gently the Lessini Mountains, or just simply called by the locals "Lessinia" reaching an altitude of about 1800m. In the lower foothills of the mountains, the landscape is characterized by olive groves and vineyards, above you will find many orchards with chestnut and walnut trees. From around 1000m there is a mountain landscape dominated by pastures.


The Lessinia enchants by its unique landscape, the gentle plateau which is traversed by deep valleys. The breathtaking view for example from Monte Tomba at Lake Garda and Verona and to the mountains Monte Baldo and the Little Dolomites is simply stunning. On the meadows stones of ancient layer and volcanic rocks protrude in strange confirmations. In the Lessinia, Prunstein mining is still active and this particular stone is used in traditional construction, which can be admired in many places like the "villages of stone".

1990 Lessinia Natural Park was founded and it is unique in the region: culture, traditions, history and nature.

1287 Cimbri settled in Central and Eastern Lessinia. Those from Bavaria and Tyrol coming farmers could keep their old German dialect in the isolated mountains. This dialect is still spoken today in the charming village Giazza.
In general, you can say that in the whole Lessinia Mountains the people try to maintain the traditions of former days.

Here you can find many traditional dishes such as the "Gnocchi di Malga" (a sort of cream cheese dumplings) and there is a good production of various cottage cheeses and the cheese DOP Monti Veronesi .

The Lessinia is a popular holiday destination both in summer and in winter. In summer you can go on long hikes or mountain bike tours. In winter, the ski lifts are in operation at S. Giorgio and there are many groomed trails.


Attractions in Lessini Mountains
• The Cimbri Museum in Giazza.
• The Fossil Museum in the district Bolca (municipality Vestenanova).
• Il Ponte di Veja, a 29m high stone bridge formed by erosion (above the village Negrar).
• The many lodges (Malga), such as Malga Lessinia, where you can taste typical dishes and can take a glimpse of the cheese production. You can often buy these products locally.
• Boscochiesanuova with its beautifully kept old town.
• The small mountain town Velo Veronese.

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